Cloud and edge solutions from a single provider

Perfect coverage

Locations throughout Russia and excellent connectivity


Tier III data centers,
and cyber protection

Best speed

10+ Tbps daily peak loads


Rent servers in just
a few clicks


EdgeCenter - provider of cloud and edge‑ solutions

We provide powerful cloud infrastructure for various businesses. We help you quickly deliver and securely store content and protect against cyber attacks.

  • 30+

    locations spread over 3 continents

  • 10+ Tbps

    daily peak loads

  • 3,000+

    physical servers

  • > 3 Tbps

    repelled complex cyberattacks

EdgeCenter products are easy to use

Each of them can be managed through a user-friendly personal account. It allows you to set up products in a couple of clicks and view detailed statistics.

User reviews

  • For the money I pay, maximum quality, minimum problems. I have three projects on their hosting, one of which is very popular. It also has their anti-bot, which copes well with periodic attacks.
    Kirill Batashov
  • For me, their cloud is the most comfortable option out of everything I've used. The interface is simple and intuitive. The data is conveniently sorted, there is a search. In addition, either I have never had a single hit in six months, or it has never really hung.
    Shirin Matvey
  • I have been using protection from DDos attacks for several years. During this time there have been no problems with the site, a convenient personal account, you can see the result of the work at once.
    Klena Gulyaeva
  • Their CDN helped me to solve a number of problems, optimize the work of the site and reduce the response time and downloading of files. Everything that used to inconvenience me and my visitors is no longer a problem.
    Kirill Gromchik
  • EdgeCenter is a great IT company! Their professionalism and excellent service made our cooperation successful. Responsive team, innovative solutions and high level of expertise make EdgeCenter an ideal partner for realization of any IT projects.
    Elina Sharova
  • In general, a normal hoster. Pros: good connectivity, low pings, everything works very stable, good tech support. Cons: upgrade services only through tech support, and you can only switch to a larger configuration, you can't switch to a smaller one.
    Savin Ivan
  • Prices are not cheap, but were able to realize my task. Knowledgeable staff and support 24/7.👍😊
    Vladislav Shadin
  • Very satisfied with the service. There was a problem with launching applications, the support helped me to solve everything at the moment. Convenient, familiar ISPManager panel and relatively adequate price.
    Alexander N
  • Easy communication with tech support, quick feedback. Helped to set up accesses remotely and choose a suitable tariff.
    Ira Momot
  • Moved my site to a hosting company with protection from DDOS attacks. The work has become stable. Does not crash, does not slow down, users began to spend more time on the site. From this he began to go higher in the output. In general, one thing pulls up the other. Higher in the top - more customers, more customers - more purchases, etc.
  • Price-quality in excellent balance. After contacting the company, took some functionality off my hands. Got more free time and the site performed better, no brakes. Oh yeah, and under those loads it doesn't crash and handles the load.
    Mark Deville

Advantages of working with us

It is easy and convenient to work with us. And here're the reasons why

  • Technical support

    We help to understand the work of the service and give detailed advice.

  • Our services can be tailored precisely to your project

    We always go the extra mile. If you need some special feature, we will develop it and integrate it into the product. We are feedback sensitive to make the service better.

  • We will cover all your technical needs

    We have products for streaming, storage, and cloud infrastructure deployment. In addition, we can protect your service from DDoS attacks.

EdgeCenter is an IT company accredited by the Ministry of Digital Affairs. Also…

  • Member of the Eurasia Trade Council

  • Member of the ARPP "Domestic Software"

  • Resident of "Skolkovo"

  • The company's products are included in the "Register of Russian Software"

  • Twice winner of the "Big Digit" award

  • Winner of "Innovation Time" award

Cloud and edge solutions
from a single vendor

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